Friday, April 1, 2011

I Find Myself Filled With Contempt

I find myself filled with contempt for Godaddy CEO, Bob Parsons, who recently videotaped his vicious killing of an elephant while on vacation in Zimbabwe. He then posted the video on the internet and bragged about his accomplishment on Twitter. Ugh. This world is full of ugliness—so much so that we become immune to it. But this action has filled me with disgust to indescribable degree. So what can we do? I doubt shame will have much of an effect on Mr. Parsons. Sociopaths have trouble with shame. But we might just be able to hit him where he actually feels something—his wallet. As of today and are no longer hosted by Godaddy. If you happen to have a website hosted by Godaddy then I would urge to transfer to another company as well. It's cheap, it's easy, and it's worth it. Godaddy competitor is even offering a transfer deal in which 20 percent of the profits go to Save the Elephants. Act now and stand up in some small way for kindness and intelligence—two things this world could use a little bit more of.

Philip Stead

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