Monday, April 11, 2011

Boat #51, (The Making of) The Big Blue Boat

Today I have a very special link to share. I've been meaning for a long, long time to do a post of some kind that details how I go about making a picture from start to finish. I love to see how other artists work. I always discover something that causes to me to say: "Really? You do it that way? Why don't I do it that way too? Illustration is a lonely business. A lot of time is spent in the studio away from our fellow humans and from other artists. (I of course am a little less lonely as I'm married to my studiomate.) This tendency toward the hermetic life has made the blog Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast an enormous asset to our community. Julie Danielson at 7-imp has compiled hundreds of illustrator interviews and virtual studio visits. Erin and I have both had the pleasure of stopping by the 7-imp blog before. This time when Julie asked me if I would like to stop in and share some work from Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat it seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally put something together about my illustration process. Below are the first and last steps in the making of an illustration. To see all the steps in between please visit Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast. Thanks, and enjoy!

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