Thursday, February 3, 2011

Boat #116, Republic of Upper Volta

I'll bet you're reading this wondering: Where the heck is the Republic of Upper Volta? Like many African nations it's gone through multiple name changes and coups in the brief period following it's independence from European colonialism. Since 1984 this nation has been known as Burkina Faso.


  1. Four things: 1. Burkina Faso is much more fun to say than Republic of Upper Volta. 2. I love the way the waves are rendered as little fiddlehead ferns. 3. Also cool that the engraver seems to be credited: J. Combet. 4.Finally, I have to say the propeller reminds me of some excellent Nova Scotian beverages:

  2. Next time I'm in Nova Scotia I'll be sure to look 'em up! Thanks for the tip.