Monday, December 20, 2010

Boat #140, Leaving for the Holidays on the City of Detroit III

Well folks, as you may have noticed, my blogging has been spotty over the last week or so. The fast approaching holidays have made it tougher than usual to find the few minutes necessary to act as your tour guide through nautical postal history. Alas, I have decided to pull 365 Boats into port until Monday, January 3. I leave you here with the steamer City of Detroit III. At the time of its construction, 1911, it was the largest paddle steamer operating in the Great Lakes. It ferried passengers mainly to and from Detroit and Buffalo with a stop in Cleveland along the way. Sadly, the City of Detroit III was dismantled and sold for scrap in 1956. A fitting metaphor for the city itself. Sigh.
See you in the New Year.


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