Saturday, November 6, 2010

This is Not a Boat #9, A Celebration Day for Amos McGee

I'm very pleased to announce that A Sick Day for Amos McGee, illustrated by my wife, Erin, has been named a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of 2010. Ten books are selected annually. You can view this year's entire list here. To celebrate I thought we'd take a break from our regular scheduled boat countdown and spend some time getting to know the animal characters from Amos McGee—an elephant, a tortoise, a penguin, a rhinoceros, and an owl. I'll have to dig deep into my stamp collection to find some of these animals. After all, not many countries have penguins! I'm sure I'll find some though.

This Thai elephant is great, don't you think?
And this set from Laos is one of my all time favorite. Fantastic!

And here of course is Erin's elephant from Amos.

One last elephant before I go. This elephant is from Jonathan and the Big Blue Boat. For those of you new to 365 Boats, Jonathan will be published this coming June. A certain amount of plagiarism happens in the studio between Erin and I. My elephant here definitely bears a resemblance to Erin's.

Thanks for stopping by 365 Boats. Come back Monday. We'll be celebrating tortoises!

P.S. - Notice the stamp in the elephant's back? It's the Thai elephant (in a different denomination) from the beginning of this post.

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